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Dane & Marc: The Naked Truth


They are, "in a relationship, something to bond, build on and really enjoy," Dane and Marc say. To a straight person, this may be, "hard to qualify; it's like a continuum." On the left, Dane, was a tomboy, yet very beautiful and was made to wear dresses. One day, in class, he came to the realization that he was transgender; "we were watching 'You don't Know Dick.'" Bonding with Marc, Dane's change really began; he has been on T a few months now and has had top surgery. The truth is that, "you can be a man and still have a vagina." And when it comes to sex, Dane quips, "once I get close, I think about [it] as a penis." Both Dane and Marc agree, Dane's flat chest is a real turn on as they explain on Buck-Angel.com.

Sitting side by side, these "brothers" are just that close. Matching underwear, they really make sex with each other a "mass production;" they have plenty of sex with others. Both gay, "it's definitely the dick" that gets them going; horny all they time, they jack off daily. Now stripped, and more comfortable, Marc's boner's more obvious; "comes up naturally" he comments. After a bit more chatting, it's time to get this "production" going.