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Tom Bruise: The Interview


Tom Bruise is 41 and has always been male; his outward appearance now matches that feeling. On Testosterone for three years, he says that, "it certainly has leveled out my moods." Sexually, this Buck-Angle.com guy really listens to his body and enjoys those desires that he is feeling; "I'm a lot happier now and freer to be in the moment."

Pre-T, Tom always liked cock; he's a giver. Now, he enjoys lesbian sex with his gal, but could still go for cock. Regarding surgery, he is not interested in top or bottom; "I'm just not that into it." Undressing we get a nice view of his "pelt," and reshaped body because of T. And what exactly gets him horny, well, "I enjoy the leather scene, people tend to be more open." Next time will see Tom, a lot more exposed.