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Chance Encounter And Trent Sparks Fuck


Wresting and kissing, the two get a bit of "directorial input" before they zone out; you can tell this is going to be a hot testosterone-fused fuck. Maneuvering on another, Trent quips, "I like tossing you around." Chance replies by pulling off his partner's underwear and using his mouth to suck rather than talk. Edging Trent, both get horny and hard for Buck-Angel.com. Chance is the first to cum as Trent has positioned himself right between his partner's thighs. Going faster and faster, Trent and I are amazed as Chance trembles and laughs. Aggressively fucking, Chance again creams; Trent can't seem to keep his lips off of Chance's dick. With a look of "one more time," Trent busies his hand and smooths the jizz around. Now Trent's time to blow, and Chance is in like a light. Within minutes, Trent "planks" and moans loudly; he looks at the camera, but I don't think either of them even realize I am here.