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Travis Foxxx Interview


Travis is 24 and has been in transition for three years. Always showing his masculine side since he was young, once Travis met a FTM guy, he knew "everything is possible." As he recounts, "I always hated my chest," but he has grown to look past "them" and picks up more on the way girls touch him as a man. Wanting top surgery, he longs for the time that he can look down, "and not see them dangling." As a straight man, he has only been with women, but is interested in trying it with other guys; "I'm more secure." On Buck-Angel.com, Travis is about to expand his sexual options. Being acknowledged as a man, both physically and legally, Travis has, "gotten used to it" and just lets it happen. As he sits and removes his shirt, he also takes off a tank and a binder; his nipples respond to the air. Looking forward to the day of having top surgery, Travis just wants to walk on the beach without a shirt, but for now, even during sex, he leaves his binder on.