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Creamin' My Baby


Trent now takes care of his woman as he sucks her tits, then goes south. "That's right baby," moans Nikki; her pants tell Trent that he's "in the right spot." Using both his mouth and finger, Trent then shoves his dick into Nikki; his trusts have her on the edge quickly. "I'm cumming baby," gasps Nikki as her hand fills with cream.

"Normally, she's not that fast," says Trent. Now on his back, he spreads his legs; Nikki uses a dildo on her man. Tugging as she pumps, Tent cums and then has her slow the pace. Close again, he moans, "that feels so good, you have no idea;" his cream is all over the dildo. Turning over, the pair work up to one last orgasm for Trent. As he blows, I have him look into the camera with those glazed eyes.