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Trent Gets Some "Love" From Nikki


Interviewing Nikki Love, she, "always knew" she was a woman. Experimenting in college, Nikki's a man-lover; her beautiful body has a lot to offer Trent. Open and totally honest with her family about her beau, "everyone thinks he's a handsome man." Watching this hot couple have sex on Buck-Angel.com, there'll be several videos to enjoy. Comfortable with his body, Trent says he really prefers being a "receiver" rather than a "giver;" you'll see Nikki is more than happy to take care of her man.

Sexually, Nikki says, "it is a work in progress," as they get to know more about one another; they are a very sexy pair. Kissing, Trent undoes Nikki's bra and "licks what he likes." Fondling and sucking her nipples, he soon removes his binder and lies on his back. Straddling her him, Nikki picks up his scent and goes south; sucking Trent's dick soon has the pair moaning. Receiving a hot blowjob, Trent holds out for a bit, then gives an, "oh my God;" seems the lady knows just "where" to please.